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Impressed and moved by the positive impact that our Ethos NAC eye drops have on people's lives, in 2005 we embarked on a 'synchronistic' journey to donate them to ophthalmologists in developing countries around the world. A huge task, dream and goal, but the rewards for all concerned are immeasurable, because to be able to give an individual their ability to see again is, without doubt, an incredible thing. To take away the pain and anxiety of the parents, family, and friends, raises this form of giving to a whole new level.

Ethos Aid

Ethos Aid

Help us, to help those, who have not been given the opportunities to help themselves.

A child goes blind every minute in the developing world, 50% die within two years of going blind.

Many parents are forced to abandon their children because they cannot look after them.

Before we begin, we'd like to make one thing clear; we are NOT like most Charities...

With so much of today's charity funds lost in media advertising and 'administration' costs; UP TO 90% of the money raised by some 'not-so-charitable' organisations are "LOST" in their administration and running costs. We recognised that a far different process was needed...

The Ethos Group is a 'for-profit' organisation which means that we pay all of the administration and running costs of the Ethos Aid charity from our profits, NOT from the money that you donate to help the people. This gives us a great advantage and allows us to utilise 100% of donations for their intended purpose, to purchase and donate eye drops to help people to see again.

This, coupled with the fact that we don't just positively impact the individual's life who is blinded by cataracts, we positively effect the whole family and the circle of friends of that individual.

That is why we make the statement; "We challenge you to find greater value for your donations".

On top of all this, Ethos Aid donations are used to purchase the eye drops at base cost price and we place them directly in the hands of the eye care specialists administering them, cutting out all middlemen, and potential profiteering from donations.

The 'Carnosine Eye-Drops' we donate are safe and simple to use and are highly effective in the treatment of many degenerative eye disorders, though primarily cataracts, where they have an impressive 80% - 100% success rate over a three to six month period. The eye drops eliminate the risk of infection from eye surgery and there are way to few operations available when compared to the scale of the problem in many countries.

We hope that you can now see why we have taken the initiative to set up Ethos Aid to distribute these life altering eye drops and have demonstrated the very unique opportunity before you today to help make a difference, a difference that will affect both young and old alike, their families and whole communities for generations to come...

Ethos: The characteristic spirit and attitude of a community \\// Vision: Sight - insight - dream - imagination

 Help to give someone in need the ride of their life...

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